Dancing with a million-megawatt monster

The last few days have been a game of preparation, patience and anxiety as Blanca shifted its mind in regards to its track and intensity.

This is the second in a series of four posts covering our preparations and weathering of the remnants of Hurricane Blanca in 2015. Click here for the previous post on this series.


When it first spawned, the forecasts were pretty gloomy. At one point, it was expected to become a category 5. At another, its eye was forecast to pass exactly over our current location. None of this materialized, thankfully. In fact, as the forecasts matured and Blanca started to move up North, it started to loose strength faster than anticipated, and its track moved westward from our position, along the outside of the Baja Peninsula.

It was with a bit of frustration then that I saw today’s analysis and forecast, which showed it had gained a bit of strength again.

Nothing out of this world, really. But if the maximum winds forecast for our area where of around 35knots, now they have increased to 45. It’s a good thing that we have been preparing for many days now, and were able to take extra precautionary measures today.

The calm before the storm: it's a very different afternoon here compared to the many we've had here up to now. It's warm, very humid, and getting cloudier.
The calm before the storm: it’s a very different afternoon here compared to the many we’ve had up to now. It’s warm, very humid, and getting gradually cloudier.

However, amidst all of this change, there is one key aspect which has remained constant throughout the whole process, and it is the fact that Blanca will degrade significantly before getting any close to us, and this is all that matters.

(PS – regarding the title of this post, NOAA made an exercise estimating the amount of energy of a full-blown hurricane, rating it at one million mega-watts, the equivalent to nearly half of the whole words’ current energy production capacity. Astonishing)

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