The Pelican (from BOAT HOUSE COMIX INC)

Comix - Pelican


BOX 1: The Pelican (with Shelly, the Pelican)


BOX 2:

Bick: Hey Shawn, look at that ugly Seagull


Box 3:

Shawn: Bick, that’s a Pelican

Bick: Well, it’s ugly


Box 4:

Shawn: They have feelings too !

Bick: I highly doubt that


Box 5:

Shawn: Woop … It got mad at you

Bick: Relax, I can fight a big bird


Box 6:

Shawn: He’s bringing a few friends … You better run

Bick starts to run away


Box 7:

Shelly and a few other Pelicans seize Bick

Shawn (talking to Shelly): You got him !

Shawn (talking to Bick): I told you so


Box 8: Boat House Comix Inc