News (from Boat House Comix Inc)

Comix - News (19Dec14)


BOX 1: Boat House Comix Inc. With your host Greg Gregson


BOX 2:

Greg Gregson: Hey folks, long time no see. Anyway, I got some news for you !


BOX 3:

GG: A guy is trying to bungee off Mount Everest

Guy: Hang on to this bungee cord

 Other Guy: Ok


BOX 4:

Guy (free falling): This is amazing, woohoo !!!


BOX 5:

Guy (still free falling): Woohoo !!!


BOX 6:

Guy hits bottom: SPLAT !

Guy: Ow (good thing he survived!)


BOX 7:

Greg Gregson: wow … that must have hurt !


BOX 8:  Boat House Comix Inc