Pumpkin Talk (from “Boat House Comix Inc.”)

Time for Pumpkin Talk


BOX 1: It’s time for Pumpkin Talk, with your host Chip Wreckman
BOX 2:
  • Chip: Hey Folks. Welcome to Pumpkin Talk
BOX 3:
  • Chip: Meet Johnny
  • Johnny: Hey peeps
BOX 4:
  • Chip: So, how was your day?
  • Johnny: Awful. First, someone takes me away, then he starts to knife me
BOX 5:
  • Chip: Well, you sure do look happy
  • Johnny: Happy ! Do I look happy?
BOX 6:
  • Chip: Well … yes
BOX 7:
  • Johnny: You are lucky you are not me, I am spilling my guts out there
BOX 8:
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