The Nature Show (from “Boat House Comix Inc.”)

Time for Nature Talk


BOX 1: It’s time for “The Nature Show”, with your host Greg Gregson


BOX 2:

Greg Gregson: Hey folks. It’s me, Greg, and it’s time for the Nature Show


BOX 3:

GG: Today we will be spying on the life cycle of a croc-o-matic


BOX 4:

GG: This isn’t any type of crocodile. It’s a croc-o-matic.

Croc-o-matic: Me a robo! 🙂


BOX 5:

GG: He can turn into a snake, spit Crocs (<the shoes>), and fly

Croc-o-matic (flying): Weee!


BOX 6:

GG: This is how he hunts his prey

Croc-o-matic (spitting a pair of Croc Shoes to lure a victim): Free Shoes

Victim: Yey


BOX 7:

Croc-o-matic: Chomp ! (eats the victim) Yum!


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