Animal Talk (from “Boat House Comix Inc”)

Time for Animal Talk


BOX 1: It’s time for ANIMAL TALK, with your host Ralph Bison


BOX 2:

Ralph Bison: Hello folks, welcome to Animal Talk. Today we will meet Leo the Sea Lion !


BOX 3:

RB: Hey there Leo, relaxing at the sea dock, huh?

Leo: You are darn right Ralph


BOX 4:

RB: You know dock owners don’t like sea lions on their docks?

Leo: Yeah, I noticed


BOX 5:

RB: Ooops, here comes the Coast Guard <Alex’ note to self: I need to explain to Paulo that the USCG are the good guys>


BOX 6:

USCG Lady: Shooooo

Leo: this is my dock, lady!


BOX 7:

Leo: Don’t you mess with me !

Leo: CHOMP <Leo eats the lady in one bite>


BOX 8: Boat House Comix Inc – new comics every friday

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