“It’s time for Hot News: by Boat House Comix Inc.

BOAT HOUSE COMIX Inc. presents: “IT’S TIME FOR HOT NEWS”, with your host Greg Gregson:

Time for Hot News


Box 2:

– Greg Gregson: “Hello folks, today we will be talking to Jack Smith”

– Jack Smith: “Hey folks!”


Box 3:

– GG: “Jack, here is a WiFi specialist”

– JS: “You sure are right Greg! But, hey, we have a problem here!”


Box 4:

– GG: “So Jack, what’s the problem?”

– JS: “You see, there is this kid that wants to play online on the internet”


Box 5:

– JS: “you see, the kid’s dad doesn’t want him to play”


Box 6:

– GG: “So, what do u do?”

– JS: “You will see right now”


Box 7:

– Dad: “I am tired of writing on books!”

– Kid: “Maybe you should get WiFi”

– Kid: “Hehe”


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  1. Estreou bem Paulinho!
    Estou esperando o próximo episódio, um beijo e muitos parabéns…

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